LiteSpeed Hosting Support, Maintenance and Monitoring with industry-leading SLAs​

Bobcares highly reviewed LiteSpeed hosting support specialists help you maximize user experience through improved performance and security.

Industry leading SLA

Since 1999, we’ve had the most aggressive SLAs and will beat any Google SLA.


Pay in bulk or in part, with no large amount required to get support.


Get help via Phone, Help Desk or Live Chat immediately.


We have highly-reviewed, certified engineers who are familiar with Azure and the many microservices it offers.


Emergency Support

As low as $39/hour

   24/7 on-demand support

   30 minutes response

   Direct Skype access

   Limitless server support*

LiteSpeed Support

As low as $29.6/hour

   Server installation & configuration

   Error troubleshooting

   24/7 availability

   Limitless server support*

End-user Support

As low as $75/month

   24/7 availability

   Helpdesk, phone & live chat

   100% white label services

   Industry leading response time SLA

*Limitless Server Support does not put a limit on the number of VMs supported. You will have 24/7 access to server experts for proactive and on-demand server administration activities, as long as it falls within the 36 hours/year (Annual billing plan) or 3 hours/month (Monthly billing plan) quota. Additional hours are available at $29.99/hour for Annual billing customers and $49.99/hour for Monthly billing customers.
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itsspk LiteSpeed Hosting Support

LiteSpeed hosting support, maintenance, installation, update & upgrade, and monitoring provider

Whether it be a small virtual machine or a large multi-datacenter deployment, itsspk is here to help you. itsspk has industry leading SLAs for all tasks associated with your server installation. We’re ready to assist you immediately with any issue you have.

LiteSpeed web server support, performance & optimization

LiteSpeed can take a lot of time to configure for optimal performance. Here at itsspk, with a large team of open-source enthusiasts, we’ve spent many years working in LiteSpeed environments and we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We commit to you that we will optimize your installation for optimal performance, and we’ll do it with industry-leading SLAs. There is a wide range of tools for LiteSpeed optimization and we help each client understand what is best for them.

LiteSpeed support for service emergency

Kernel Issues, Module errors, emergency patches, web server configuration issues, platform exploits – a lot of things can affect service quality in a Litespeed environment. We keep a close eye on the health of your install, and quickly resolve systems issues before it can affect service quality.

LiteSpeed server monitoring

All systems get their share of issues and LiteSpeed is not immune to them. By having an advanced monitoring tool, our experts quickly identify and fixes issues by monitoring & maintaining all LiteSpeed installs.

LiteSpeed web server support for security situations & audits

itsspk pays a lot of attention to the security of software and hardware that is deployed heavily across the internet. LiteSpeed security is something we pay a lot of attention to, not just because we have thousands of servers under our management but also because we’re LiteSpeed hosting support specialists. We give all of our clients the necessary updates, along with facilities like backup configuration, to ensure that security is never something they need to think about. itsspk takes pride in auditing the installs of our users on a regular basis.

LiteSpeed service development

At itsspk, we have a bunch of talented engineers familiar with LiteSpeed and the commonly deployed software around it. We’re ready to help you deploy your LiteSpeed environment with some custom integrations or features that take you beyond your competitors. For any task, small or large, we are ready to help.

Our Promise

To provide professional and caring outsourced support & server management services.
To provide 24/7/365 certified server administrators working to an industry-leading SLA for you and your customers.
Provide high-quality outsourced support services with flexible billing options to match your company’s needs.

LiteSpeed Hosting Support

LiteSpeed Web Server uses resources effectively without compromising performance, safety, or compatibility. Our specialized Litespeed hosting support ensures maximum usage. We also provide support LiteSpeed hosting for WordPress as well as provides support for advanced technologies like HTTP/3 with reduced downtime. At itsspk, we have been delivering Litespeed Hosting Support for many years and we are proud to offer Litespeed web server support to our customers for all the incredible benefits it brings. If you are looking for timely LiteSpeed web server support to safeguard your infrastructure, look no further.


How LiteSpeed customers use our service

LiteSpeed Installation Service

We help you set up LiteSpeed Server on hosting control panels.

Module Setup

LiteMage module setup assistance for Magento, WordPress, and Joomla.

Emergency Support

Get experts to quickly fix server issues as and when they happen. Support

Analyze critical issues, dependencies, accuracy, and much more.

Control Panel Integration

Enable you to use your LiteSpeed Web Server with supported control panel.

Account Merge/Transfer

Fix issues like license installation, and identification of requirements for license upgrade.

Anti-DDoS Setup

Enable dynamic blocking of attacking IPs at your firewall.

LSCWP Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot issues with your LSCWP setup and optimization tasks.

CloudLinux Integration

Supports services like LVE, CageFS, PHP, Ruby, or Python Selector.


We are the safety net for your servers

24/7 alert monitoring

A server expert checks each alert from your server, and initiates emergency rescue if your server uptime or security is affected.

Emergency rescue

If your server is down or is under attack (from bots, spam, and the like), we’ll login to the server within minutes and restore normalcy.

Preventive patching

Once services are back online, we’ll find out what went wrong, and harden or optimize your server to prevent the issue from recurring.


We’ll Respond Within 60 Mins

If you need help with your servers, we’re just a mail away – 24/7. Here’s how it’ll work:
You send a quick mail summarizing what help you need
If your server is down or is under attack (from bots, spam, and the like), we’ll login to the server within minutes and restore normalcy.
Once services are back online, we’ll find out what went wrong, and harden or optimize your server to prevent the issue from recurring.